A Virtual Social Experience

Sign up now to join the next virtual adventure with New Frontier's Social Connections Groups! These groups are geared towards adolescents and young adults looking to develop, practice, and maintain social competencies through explicit instruction and real-life application. Strengthening self-awareness, creating social connections, navigating relationships, and understanding the nuances of in person vs. online communications are just a few areas covered. Our curriculum is tailored to the unique goals and interests of each participant.


Interpersonal Relationships

Recognize, develop and maintain skills to be communicatively successful in different types of relationships.


Explore how to deconstruct rigidity and be open to new social experiences and opportunities

Social Awareness

Expand one's thinking about social skills and evaluate participation in social situations.


  • Developing and maintaining relationships

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Identifying social boundaries for self and with others

  • Initiating, maintaining and closing conversations

  • Building social confidence

  • Self-advocacy and help-seeking

  • Perspective taking

  • Problem-solving social situations


Virtual coaching can be a great alternative to in-person coaching when individuals live in an area outside of our geographical reach, are unable to travel to an in-person session, or are more comfortable with receiving coaching in one’s own environment.


Virtual coaching sessions allow for supports that are easily accessible, flexible in scheduling, not limited by travel time, and more available on an as-needed basis.

No travel necessary.

Coaching sessions right

in the comfort of your own home!

Flexible schedules.

Hop online with your coaches whenever
works for your schedule.

Easy access.

Sessions through your favorite

video conferencing platforms.

Ideal for those that might not be able to travel independently, that need flexibility, that want extra daily support, and those who are geographically not able to have in person sessions.


...and much more!