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Winter in the City

Next Session: 1/6/20- 1/17/20 M-F

Program Hours: 11:00am – 2:00pm

Location: New York City

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Join us for an exciting winter experience! New York City offers limitless opportunities to build competence in areas such as: Executive Functioning, Social Engagement, and Traveling. Winter in the City focuses on participation in skill-building activities, and meaningful social and cultural experiences.  Skill-building activities will revolve around Social Skills, Independent Travel, Self-Care, and Self-Advocacy.

Social Skills

Interpersonal skills, body language, social boundaries, appropriate language and negotiation are learned in the moment

Independent Travel

Purchasing Metrocards, adapting plans based on unexpected delays, and the practice of problem solving skills in real life scenarios


Healthy eating, exercising, stress management, and mindfulness.


Development of help-seeking skills, as well as identifying, understanding, and navigating resources
These skills are aimed to support individuals in developing and utilizing the executive functioning skills necessary to initiate, plan, and implement social activities. Winter in the City will also integrate the skills necessary to delegate responsibilities, work as a team, and develop their social skills.

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