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Who We Work With

New Frontiers in Learning works with a wide variety of individuals, ranging in age and ability level but sharing a common theme—a desire for independence, and a recognition that self-advocacy and executive functioning skills are at the root of their potential success.

Our typical student is between the ages of 15-25 (although they are sometimes younger or older), and they may struggle with various learning and academic differences, and/or executive functioning skill deficits. Students we work with have usually struggled in their academic careers, due to social and/or learning ability factors. Academic pressure can cause anxiety or mental health issues that come from the social stigma of “not fitting in”. We help students overcome these issues and provide them the support and skills to handle high school, college, or the workplace. We also work with students who have other difficulties, such as drug or alcohol issues, or international students having trouble integrating to the American system.

Aside from assisting our students directly in integrating with their high school, college, or job, we also offer a range of transition programs, such as:

  • College Transition: Our program for sudents that have been accepted to, and are getting ready to attend, college.
  • Transitioning to Adulthood: Our trained advisors provide the support and skills needed fpr individuals transitioning to adulthood from high school or college.
  • Life Coaching: NFIL’s life coaching builds a network of supports for individuals establishing themselves as independent adults.
  • College Readiness: A summer program for students that are interested in preparing for the rigors of college life.

Want to Learn More?

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