How does it work?

Virtual coaching allows for a coach and client to interact electronically, via platforms such as Skype, GoTo Meeting, or Google Hangouts. The individuals set a coaching schedule on a consistent and regular basis, that can be supplemented with additional sessions as needed to encourage follow through and accountability. The sessions can range from daily check-ins, to longer sessions weekly or several times per week, depending on each individual’s unique needs and goals.



Virtual coaching can be a great alternative to in-person coaching when individuals live in an area outside of our geographical reach, are unable to travel to an in-person session, or are more comfortable with receiving coaching in one’s own environment. Virtual coaching sessions allow for supports that are easily accessible, flexible in scheduling, not limited by travel time, and more available on an as-needed basis.


Ideal Candidates

Those that might not be able to travel independently, that need flexibility, that want extra daily support, and those who are geographically not able to have in person sessions.


General Areas of Concentration


Coaches and clients create and set specific goals that address each individual’s unique needs. Coaching sessions assist in skill building and accountability. Coaches develop a relationship with their clients, creating a trusting environment where one can develop skills in areas such as:


  • Academic content

  • Executive functioning (Time management, organization, task initiation, multi-tasking, and more)

  • Self-advocacy

  • Self-monitoring

  • Breaking down long term assignments into smaller sub-tasks

  • Identifying, understanding, and navigating resources available

  • Getting involved socially

  • Daily living, self-care and independence

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