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New Frontiers in Learning

“New Frontiers in Learning has been invaluable in helping my son stay focused and on-track academically at his undergraduate college in New York city. Their coaches are very effective at both a practical and personal level. It’s a worthwhile investment and we are happy to continue their services for our son moving forward.”

Peyton F.

Proud Parent

“I found New Frontiers in Learning through a friend with a daughter who has a learning disability. From my very first conversation with New Frontiers in Learning, I knew I had found the right support program.

I could not have asked for anyone with more passion, experience, understanding and dedication than my son’s coach. He knew how to connect with my son immediately, which is not an easy task. My son’s coach took care of every issue at Westchester Community College which made my life less stressful.

My son’s coach worked on executive functioning, staying organized within the course syllabi, reading and understanding all due dates, reading and understanding any directions given on the syllabus, breaking down assignments into smaller manageable tasks, giving my son daily to do lists and then teaching him how to check things off when completed.

Together they worked on the writing process, how to properly research, how to utilize sources, how to take a source for a paper and be able to read, skim and summarize and then incorporate it into his paper.

This support helped my son deal with his academic and social responsibilities and made sure that he felt comfortable. My son’s coach has now prepared him to go away to a 4 year college. And if he wants to come home to a closer college, I know I can call on New Frontiers in Learning for help.”

Gail K.

Proud Parent

“New Frontiers in Learning (NFIL) is stellar! Programming at NFIL is innovative; it is didactic as well as experiential and provides a safe environment for students to learn about themselves as well as the world around them. Students benefit from working with a highly trained staff that is sensitive to their individual needs and experts at mapping out individualized plans for successful outcomes. NFIL also offers young people the opportunity to network and socialize with peers, which is critical for the development of positive interpersonal skills and healthy social relationships. New Frontiers in Learning is a student’s springboard to scholastic and career success!”



“My son has been working with a coach from NFIL for 2 years now and it has been a great experience! It has enabled him to live away at college, stay organized, do well in his classes (Dean’s list 2 semesters in a row!!) and negotiate working with the disabilities office and the housing office when problems come up. His coach also comes with him for meetings with professors if needed so no information gets lost. Daniel has gained so much confidence and independence. I would recommend NFIL (and already have!) to anyone whose child needs help with organization, academics and becoming more independent.”

Anne M.

Proud Parent

“My daughter just finished her second successful year of college. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the consistent support provided by her coach.

We have seen many improvements in all aspects of our daughter’s skill; the skills needed to succeed academically and socially. This program has been such a blessing for us. I highly recommend the services New Frontiers in Learning offers.

This year I recommended their services to a friend. She recently contacted me to thank me. She shared with me her son’s successful college experience. A much different year than last year primarily due to the New Frontiers in Learning supports he received this school year.

So, a big THANK YOU to the New Frontiers team. You have given my daughter the support needed to manage her daily college workload and navigate campus life.”

Lisa S.

Proud Parent

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