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Passing the Torch: Understanding Executive Function,

Independence, and Letting Go

What is Passing the Torch?

Passing the Torch is a seminar series available to caregivers who want to learn more about how they can best support individuals towards independence. Weekly seminars review topics that focus on caregiver roles, strategies for supporting executive function development, how to best utilize resources, and more. The goal is for caregivers to become more aware of skills that individuals need to develop in order to move towards independence, and provides the tools and strategies that foster success.

First Series:

Foundations –

What are Learning Differences?

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Related Characteristics, Diagnoses and Comorbidities
  • Problem Solving
  • Metacognition

Second Series:

The Status Quo –

What Caregivers Do, and Why They Do It

  • Culture of Failure
  • The “Can’t Do” Perception
  • Caregiver Perceived Role as Savior
  • Tutoring vs. Coaching

Third Series:

Creating Positive Change

  • Strategies/Techniques for Caregivers
  • Cognitive Modeling and Scaffolding
  • Connections Between Support Systems
  • Utilizing Professionals and Resources the RIGHT Way

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