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Our Mission & Story

Our Mission

The mission of New Frontiers in Learning is to provide customized coaching in executive skills for individuals to achieve greater success in life, including academics, career, social, independence, and more.  Focusing on executive skills promotes the identification of goal directed behaviors and strategies to achieve self-actualization.

Students in our NYC classroom working on a puzzle
A group of students on a field trip during our Summer Program

Our Story

New Frontiers in Learning is the result of a very straightforward—but, at times, vexing—question: What happens when young adults, particularly those with executive functioning challenges, begin the process of transitioning from High School to College, and the supports that they may have grown accustomed to are no longer available?

At the time, our Founder, Daniel Koffler, was assisting in managing his family business (building and operating private schools in/around New York City). One of those schools provided a high degree of support to a population of students with a variety of learning differences. The supportive nature of the program allowed many of the students to achieve a level of success that might not have been possible in a more mainstream environment, but as the students began to approach graduation, we began to recognize that our supports are only as good as the student’s ability to generalize them in the fast-paced and, at times, unforgiving ‘real’ world.

As fate would have it, Daniel was introduced to Samantha Feinman, who at the time was managing a fee-for-service transition and support program based on a college campus. As they explored the need to support students through the transition from high school to college more carefully, it dawned on them: students deserve support that is flexible based on course of study, school choice, location, and more. They wanted to do something that was customizable to the individual, based on their unique strengths, learning style and needs.

New Frontiers in Learning was born.

Today, NFIL has evolved (and continues to evolve) from our initial focus on college students to a much wider variety of individuals, ranging in age and ability level but sharing a common theme—a desire for independence, and a recognition that self-advocacy is at the root of their potential success.

With a stellar team ensuring that all of the nuanced work which goes into developing and executing a plan for success—now and into the future—is adhered to, adjusted, communicated and acted on, our goal is to prevent anyone from ‘falling through the cracks’, while developing the skills necessary to reach their full potential, in school and in life.

We eat, sleep and breathe executive functioning and transition supports, and all of the important skills and strategies that accompany the process. We look forward to hearing from you, and having an opportunity to assist you, your son/daughter, friend, colleague—or anyone else—on a path to success.

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