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Online Writing Workshop

Our new online writing workshop is dedicated to helping all students become better writers in all subject areas at any stage of the writing process. In addition to one-on-one virtual appointments, we are also offering on demand editing and content feedback on student writing as part of our new and convenient online writing support options.

One-on-One Individual Tutoring

Writers are encouraged to submit anything they are working on, whether it is a creative piece, a research paper, a personal statement, or a short writing assignment for any class. The instructor will help writers brainstorm, organize, focus, and develop their written works. The instructor will also help students develop a list of goals and a checklist of steps of how to complete the assignment and accomplish their goals on their own.

Some general topics/goals students will work on:

  • Developing a thesis statement
  • Brainstorming new paper ideas
  • Dissecting and fully understanding an essay prompt
  • Understanding MLA/APA/Chicago style citation formats
  • Improving sentence-level style
  • Writing with clarity
  • Understanding rhetorical techniques
  • Developing/deciding on organization and structure
  • Researching for research papers
  • Utilizing school databases/libraries for sources
  • Proofreading for basic sentence and grammatical concerns
  • Setting goals for revision

What does a typical session look like?

Students in our online writing workshop will video chat with the writing instructor and will discuss/work on the following:

  • Breakdown of prompt/assignment.
  • What does the assignment mean and how can we fully answer it?
  • Brainstorm main focus or thesis statement of the paper.
  • Develop a clear and concise introduction.
  • Work on making an outline for body paragraphs.
  • Answer the question – What kinds of examples can we employ to fully illustrate the argument/main idea?
  • Develop a checklist of steps for finishing draft of paper independently.
  • Set goals for revision to accomplish before next session.

For Digital Drive Submissions

Thorough comments will be provided on the paper that is submitted and returned to the student within 24 hours.

Comments will address:

  • Elements of the paper that are done well
  • Grammar/proofreading
  • Citations
  • Sentence-level concerns with a focus on also teaching fundamental grammatical, usage concepts
  • Sentence structure and concision (instructor will provide examples of how to rewrite sentences in a clear manner)
  • Overall structure of paper/argument and ideas of how to improve it
  • Analysis of thesis statement/main idea and whether or not it fully addresses the prompt as written
  • Will provide thoughts as how to improve the thesis statement/main idea by touching on:
    • Scope of argument
    • Clarity of argument/main idea
    • Specific examples that can/also need to be included.
    • Incorporating further research
    • Organization of ideas
    • How to implement new ideas

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