The World Around Us

Our group programs help our clients enhance their social engagement and interpersonal skills. Being able to get out and experience the world around us with fellow peers helps enhance our abilities in team work that translates into every aspect of our future lives.


New York City offers limitless opportunities to build competence in areas such as: Executive Functioning, Social Engagement, and Traveling. R.E.A.L. World focuses on participation in skill-building activities and meaningful social and cultural experiences. Skill-building activities will revolve around Social Skills, Independent Travel, Self-Care, and Self-Advocacy. These skills are aimed to support individuals in developing and utilizing the executive functioning skills necessary to initiate, plan, and implement social activities. 

Skill Building Lessons Include:

  • Mediated discussion

  • Executive Functioning development

  • Meditation

  • Brain/body connection

  • Leadership in life

  • Stress management

  • Self-advocacy

  • Time management

  • Money management

  • Organizational skills

  • Current events


 Our #Adulting group is geared towards young adults (21 years and older) looking to focus on advanced social skills, daily living and self-care. Transitioning to independence, making connections, preparing for job interviews, and navigating the dating arena are just a few of the areas we explore.

Skill Building Lessons Include:

  • Learning Boundaries

  • Understanding Body Language

  • Dating Profiles and First dates

  • Following through with Social Engagements

  • Exercising and Self-Care

  • Stress Management and Mindfulness

  • Habits for Healthy Living

  • Budgeting

  • Developing Friendships

  • Preparing for Employment