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EF-ACT Prep: Executive Functioning ACT Prep Program

What is EF-ACT Prep?

EF-ACT Prep is a structured 8-week course that helps students to develop strategies and techniques to properly prepare for the ACT college entrance exams. The course focuses on developing executive functioning skills and test taking strategies that are necessary to successfully conquer the ACT exam.

Who is EF-ACT Prep recommended for?

EF-ACT Prep is recommended for students in high school that want to become more familiar with the ACT test format and more confident in taking the exam.

What is the layout of the course?

  • Students will participate by attending in person or virtually
  • Students will learn tips and tricks to develop confidence in the test taking process
  • The first week and last week of the course will look at the test as a whole
  • Each week in between will focus on one of the four specific sections covered on the test: English, Reading, Math and Science
  • Each week will consist of two sessions:
    • Tuesdays: Lesson
    • Saturday: Practice Tests and Review
  • Our experienced instructors will guide the students through:
    • The content and construct of the test
    • Planning out weekly goals and outlining independent work

How is this different from other test prep courses?

At New Frontiers in Learning, we assess the unique learning obstacles each participant encounters. We focus on the individual goals of each participant by not only addressing the content that students will face, but also tackle any hurdles that accompany the process for successful test preparation.

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