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New Frontiers in Learning provides one-on-one coaching to address each individual’s specific academic and/or social needs. We support individuals when they are in middle, high school, college and beyond on the global skills that are necessary to problem solve and self-monitor one’s progress towards goals (i.e., teach them how to fish), including organization, time management, planning, task analysis and initiation, follow-through, etc. We promote positivity and motivation and help support individuals reach their full potential. The skills taught in the coaching model reflect a level of mastery that can be generalized regardless of whether the individual is struggling academically, socially, or professionally. Our coaching program has shown to be very effective during transition periods in an individual’s life. We help ease our students through transitions between middle school and high school, high school and college, and transitioning to adulthood. Whether this means coaching the student on social engagement at school or the workplace, teaching self-advocacy, or navigating resources on a new campus, NFIL has the coaching skills and experience for each unique individual. Coaching, as a model, is used to develop a solution-oriented mindset that confronts problems instead of avoiding them. Coaches work with individuals to identify problems, develop potential solutions, and then assess if these solutions worked. We develop self-advocacy skills as an essential skill for problem solving. Coaches assist individuals to follow through with new tactics and systems. The support is designed to find strategies that the individual will continue to use without the support, leading to self-sufficiency and independence.

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