Come help us change lives!

New Frontiers is recruiting and hiring part-time coaches. Coach candidates must be available to train for one half-day with a New Frontiers’ Administrative Staff Member either Virtually or In-Person and report virtually to a Coach Coordinator at least once a week during employment. Coaching hours are assigned following the on-boarding process, as students/clients enroll.

Coaches facilitate coaching sessions for

students/clients in the areas of academics, executive function, life skills, and career as relevant to the customized goals for each student/client. Students/clients and coaches are matched based on needs, expertise area(s), and availability. Previous coaching or tutoring experience is preferred.

Responsibilities Include

  • Providing direct support to students/clients during 1:1 sessions to review all classes, notes, assignments, responsibilities, etc. as relevant

  • Content specific support and remediation, including, but not limited to, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematical concepts, etc. as appropriate

  • Assisting students/clients in the development of executive functioning skills, including, but not limited to, organizing materials, structuring time outside of sessions, initiating assignments and tasks, editing assignments, etc.

  • Guiding students/clients in preparing presentations, studying for tests, and participating in varied learning activities

  • Assisting students/clients in planning their responsibilities for the week, as well as teaching them how to create a daily “to do” list after their sessions

  • Holding students/clients accountable for following through with agreed upon responsibilities

Hiring Locations


In-Person Coaches: NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Philadelphia, South Florida


Virtual Coaches: Entire US