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Career Counseling for Academic Guidance

and Internship/Career Options

What is Career Counseling?

The New Frontiers in Learning staff is certified to administer the Greenwood System 120™, an evidence-based, research tested, and peer reviewed assessment to provide career advisement grounded in one’s unique abilities, interests, values, and personality.

Who would benefit from this report?

  • High school and college students who desire direction for major selection

  • College students looking to explore volunteer and internship opportunities

  • Post-graduate individuals looking for career direction

  • Any individuals exploring the career change arena

What is in the Report?

  • A list of 100 jobs matches

  • A summary of top 10 and bottom 10 career options

  • Military Careers Report

  • Five top job families

  • Personality Chart

  • Grit Scores

  • Holland Codes

  • Values and Motivators Summary

What do we do with the Report?

  • Review the report findings
  • Refine the list of 100 careers to a smaller and more manageable list
  • Create an action plan and clear follow through steps to move towards certain career paths
  • Informational Interview Practice

How long does the whole process take?

  • Step 1: Individuals complete a questionnaire with the help of a coach, if needed
  • Step 2: Informational Interview with a coach to collect qualitative information
  • Step 3: Coach and individual review report and its findings
  • Step 4: Coach and individual practice an informational interview
  • Step 5: Coach and individual create an action plan with measurable steps

Career counseling can take place in person or virtually.  Get in touch below for more information!

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